Paris to Berlin Night Train Service Set to Launch

Sep 6 2023
Paris to Berlin night train

Exciting news for travelers and train enthusiasts! The night train service between Paris and Berlin, operated by Austria’s national carrier, OBB Nightjet, is set to make its debut in December, offering a convenient and eco-friendly way to travel between these iconic European cities.

The Route

Soon, you’ll be able to doze off in Paris and wake up in Berlin, all thanks to the upcoming Nightjet route. After being canceled in 2014, this route is making a grand comeback on December 11, 2023.

Berlin to Paris: First trip on December 11, 2023

Paris to Berlin: First trip on December 12, 2023

“The Man in Seat 61” Twitter account has already posted details of the timetable, giving us a sneak peek into what this new service has to offer. The night train will traverse a stunning European landscape, taking passengers on a 12-hour journey through picturesque cities. The route includes stops at Strasbourg, Frankfurt, Erfurt, and finally, Berlin’s main station, offering passengers an opportunity to explore these vibrant destinations along the way. In the opposite direction, from Berlin to Paris, the train will bypass Berlin Südkreuz and instead stop in the city of Halle.

Timings for the new Paris-Berlin Nightjet sleeper due to start with the December timetable change are starting to emerge. #exciting h/t @tgvpix

Ticket Pricing

While ticket prices have not been officially announced, early indications suggest they will be in line with Nightjet’s other European night train routes. This means travelers can expect competitive pricing starting from around 29 euros for a seat, 49 euros for a couchette, and 89 euros for a sleeper cabin, catering to a variety of preferences and budgets.

View of Nightjet train no. NJ 490, as it awaits departure from Wien Hauptbahnhof
View of Nightjet train no. NJ 490, as it awaits departure from Wien Hauptbahnhof

Booking details

Wondering when you can secure your tickets for this exciting new service? Booking for the Paris to Berlin night train is expected to open during the month of October. Keep an eye on Nightjet’s website, as demand for this service is likely to be high, especially during the holiday season.


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