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Highlight the european night train network

At Nightgoes, our mission is to make night train travel more visible and accessible.

We firmly believe in the importance of providing choices, which is why we strive to offer a comprehensive and exhaustive list of overnight train travel options. This empowers each user to create their own tailor-made itinerary.

We see overnight trains as a distinctive and environmentally-friendly means of exploring Europe, all while providing a comfortable and relaxing travel experience. At the core of Nightgoes lies a strong commitment to promoting sustainable tourism and minimizing the environmental impact of travel.

Our values

We believe in the positive impact of travel on the soul and the planet, and we're committed to making overnight train travel accessible to as many people as possible.

Slow Travel and Sustainability

We value the idea of slow travel, which means taking your time and savoring each step of your journey

Personal Choice and Freedom

We put a premium on giving each traveler the freedom to choose by providing a comprehensive list of options

Cultural Exploration

We encourage travelers to immerse themselves in different cultures, traditions, and landscapes along their journey

Innovation and Trust

We aim to provide an innovative and trustworthy booking experience through its web platform

Community and Sharing

We promote the sharing of experiences, fostering connections, and inspiring each other within our community

Three enthusiasts behind the project

Gaultier Fraering

Gaultier is a marketing and product management specialist. He enjoyed several backpacking trips throughout Europe and Asia. He loves the feeling of waking up on a train in the early morning.

Thomas Stocker

Thomas is an skilled full-stack developer. He seeks to develop projects aligned with his convictions. When traveling he likes to discover different cultures, and taste new cuisines.

Nora Leon

Nora is a communication & marketing specialist. She has been working on positive impact projects for the past years. Since she has taken the plane far too many times, she would like to put the night trains in the spotlight.

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