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The Brussels Grand Place
Monts des arts in Brussels
Street art in Brussels
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Street art in Brussels
Street art in Brussels
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Bruxelles, a green city with an abundance of culture

The capital of Belgium and seat of the European Union, Brussels has a harmonious blend of rich historical heritage, Flemish and Art Nouveau architecture, gastronomic delights and a cosmopolitan atmosphere that is unique in the heart of Europe.
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Did you know? Brussels has more cultural events per inhabitant than... New York. With over a hundred museums and just as many concert halls, theatres, cultural centres and art galleries, the range is breathtaking. Architecture lovers will be in 7th heaven. On every street, you'll be able to admire the intermingled remains of medieval, Flemish, art deco, art nouveau and contemporary architecture. Brussels is also one of the greenest cities in Europe (50% of its area is taken up by parks), with the largest pedestrian zone after Venice and a cycle network that has little to envy Amsterdam or Strasbourg, two other champions of cycling. The city is delightfully cosmopolitan, with 104 nationalities represented among its inhabitants and gastronomy from all over the world. There's delicious chocolate, waffles to die for, the best chips and, of course, excellent beer from one of the many microbreweries dotted around the city.

Day 1 - Historical heritage

Welcome to Brussels, a city rich in history and culture! Start your first day exploring the Grand Place, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Admire the impressive architecture of the buildings, including the Town Hall and the King’s House.

Then, visit the Manneken Pis, an icon of the city.

Immerse yourself in Belgian history at the BELvue museum before sampling handmade chocolates at Neuhaus. Finish the day with a delicious Belgian beer at one of the local breweries.

Brussels Grand PLace
Day 2 - Art and Culture

Explore the artistic wealth of Brussels by devoting your second day to its museums.

Start with the Magritte Museum, dedicated to the famous Belgian surrealist.

Next, head to the Museum of Musical Instruments in the impressive Old England building, offering panoramic views over the city.

Stroll through the Saint-Géry district for its bohemian atmosphere, art galleries and vintage shops. In the evening, discover the culinary scene with traditional Belgian dishes in the restaurants of the Marolles district.

For those interested, Brussels is full of Art Déco and Art Nouveau hidden gems. Just stroll around to spot those amazing buildings!

Art in Brussels
Day 3 - Parks and relaxation

On your third day, make the most of Brussels’ greenery.

Start with the Parc du Cinquantenaire, home to monumental arcades and the Army Museum.

Next, head to the Parc Leopold for a peaceful stroll around its pond.

Visit the European Parliament to understand Belgium’s role in the European Union. In the afternoon, explore the Sablons district for its elegant boutiques and famous chocolatiers.

Finish your stay in Brussels with dinner in a gastronomic restaurant, savouring the delights of contemporary Belgian cuisine. Enjoy your trip!

Park in Brussels (Bois de la cambre)

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