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Stuttgart, home of automobile and wine innovation, bordered by the Neckar river

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Stuttgart, a city for wine, fine cars and culture lovers

Stuttgart, in southwest Germany, is renowned for its automotive industry, housing Mercedes-Benz and Porsche. Cultural attractions abound, from theaters to museums. The city's green spaces like Schlossgarten provide relaxation, while architectural gems like the Mercedes-Benz Museum showcase its innovation and history.
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Nestled in southwest Germany, Stuttgart is a dynamic city blending industrial prowess with cultural richness. Home to automotive giants Mercedes-Benz and Porsche, it pulsates with innovation. Beyond its engineering marvels, Stuttgart boasts verdant parks, like Rosenstein Park, and vineyard-covered hillsides offering stunning panoramic views, embodying its unique blend of urban and natural charm. The city's cultural scene thrives with theaters, such as the renowned Stuttgart State Theater, showcasing world-class performances. Museums like the Kunstmuseum Stuttgart and the Staatsgalerie Stuttgart house impressive collections spanning various artistic genres. Additionally, Stuttgart surprises with its culinary delights, offering traditional Swabian cuisine alongside international fare in its bustling markets and eateries. With a rich history dating back to Roman times, Stuttgart preserves its heritage through architectural gems like the Old Castle and the New Palace. Visitors can immerse themselves in the city's past at the Stuttgart City Museum or explore the picturesque squares and cobblestone streets of its historic center. Whether indulging in cultural experiences, savoring local delicacies, or exploring its storied past, Stuttgart captivates with its multifaceted allure.

Day 1 - Nature and culture

Immerse in Stuttgart’s cultural tapestry by exploring the Staatsgalerie Stuttgart for art enthusiasts.
Then, stroll through Rosenstein Park for a tranquil escape amidst lush greenery.
Dive into Swabian cuisine at a local tavern for lunch. Afternoon, visit the Mercedes-Benz Museum to delve into automotive history.
In the evening, catch a performance at the Stuttgart State Theater or enjoy a leisurely walk along the Neckar River.

Mercedes Benz Museum in Stuttgart
Day 2 - Botanic and gastronomy

Start with a hike up the vineyard-covered hills of Kesselrandweg for panoramic city views.
Experience the bustling atmosphere of the Stuttgart Market Hall for lunch, sampling local specialties.
Visit the Wilhelma Zoological and Botanical Garden, featuring diverse flora and fauna. For history buffs, explore the Old Castle and its museums. End the day with a dinner cruise along the Neckar River, savoring regional dishes and scenic views.

Wilhelma Zoological and Botanical Garden in Stuttgart
Day 3 - Parks and countryside exploration

Begin with a morning visit to the TV Tower for breathtaking vistas of Stuttgart and its surroundings.
Then, embark on a biking tour along the Neckar River, exploring picturesque trails and charming villages.
Enjoy a picnic in the Schlossgarten, one of the city’s largest parks.
Conclude your Stuttgart adventure with a delightful dinner at a local wine tavern, savoring regional wines and delicacies.

Neckar biking tour in Stuttgart

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Johannes Bobrowski, naturalized german poet

The green Neckar flooding the riverbank's meadows & willows.

Johannes Bobrowski, poet

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