Snow hunters: where to enjoy the snow in 2023-24

Winter is coming – and with it its share of rain, cold and shorter days. Is that a reason to stay indoors? No reason at all. Some places in Europe are even more charming when covered in a blanket of white. Winter sports (and not just skiing) are waiting for you in the snowy resorts. 

Charming Cities in The Snow

Best Winter Sports Places

The Most Charming Cities in The Snow in Europe

Europe is full of places that the snow sublimates. You know, towns or landscapes that are even more beautiful sprinkled with snowflakes. Here are a few destinations accessible by night train, where you can crunch your moon boots on snow-covered streets!


Prague – Czechia

Prague is even more romantic in the snow! The most blue-blooded souls are bound to fall under the spell of this city of a hundred spires, dotted with works of art, castles and charming churches. Whether you want to go with your soul mate or your best friend, here are a few night train routes that will get you there.

How to get there

Budapest - Prague

Hungary - Czechia
EN 476

Night train via Bratislava, Brno, Pardubice

Košice - Prague

Slovakia - Czechia
EN 442

Night train via Margecany, Žilina, Ostrava 

Zurich - Prague

Switzerland - Czechia​
EN 50467

Night train via Bregenz, Innsbruck, České Budějovice

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Berlin – Germany

Berlin gets very cold in winter. It’s no wonder that snow is a common sight. If you cover up well, you’ll be strolling through a magical city under the snow. The many parks, including the Botanical Gardens, Mauerpark and Tiergarten, are covered in a blanket of white. But also the Museum Island and the superb monuments such as the Reichstag. Berlin can be reached by night train from many European cities, including Paris from December 2023.


How to get there

Brussels - Berlin

Belgium - Germany
ES 453

Night train via Antwerpen, Rotterdam, Amsterdam

Budapest - Berlin

Hungary - Germany
EN 40476

Night train via Bratislava, Ostarva, Frankfurt (Oder)

Zurich - Berlin​​

Switzerland - Germany
NJ 409

Night train via Bregenz, Innsbruck, České Budějovice

Paris - Berlin

France - Germany

Night train via Strasbourg,
Frankfurt (Main), Halle

Stockholm – Sweden

Imagine yourself on a boat, looking out over the snow-covered city of Stockholm. Sweden is even more beautiful under its white coat for a few months of the year. The many hills around the city centre offer a superb panorama of this magic. In the town centre, the warmly-coloured houses contrast beautifully with the snow! And once you’ve finished your walks, you can enjoy a Fika, the local comfort snack. Stockholm is well connected to the night train network, so you can get here from the four corners of Europe.


How to get there

Malmö - Stockholm

Sweden - Sweden
SJ 2

Night train via Helsingborg, Linköping, Norrköping

Berlin - Stockholm

Germany - Sweden
D 300

Night train via Hamburg, Malmö,  Norrköping

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Kraków – Poland

Poland, a country where snow is part of everyday life! If you like the traditional Christmas atmosphere, cinnamon biscuits, candlelit interiors and white landscapes, this is the place to be. Poles have a wealth of specialities to get them through the winter: pierogis (ravioli), bigos (a comforting stew), kiełbasa lisiecka smoked sausage, barszcz, a beetroot soup… Whether you visit the salt mines in the cold or the chilling Auschwitz, you’ll soon be comforted. Krakow is connected by night train to the whole of Poland, particularly Warsaw and Wroclaw, which are themselves well connected to other European countries such as Germany.


How to get there

Graz - Kraków

Austria - Poland
EN 40456

Night train via Vienna, Ostarva, Katowice

Budapest - Kraków

Hungary - Poland​
NJ 456

Night train via Bratislava, Ostrava, Katowice

Gdynia - Kraków

Poland - Poland​​

Night train via Poznan, Wroclaw, Katowice

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Innsbruck – Austria

Innsbrück, capital of the Tyrol region, is a charming little town in the heart of the mountains between German Bavaria and northern Italy. This skiing paradise hosted the Winter Olympics in 1964, 1976 and 2012. But above all, its centre, with its picturesque doll’s houses, and its countryside, all in white from December onwards, are an enchantment for all sorts of forest lovers. 

Mountains’ fans will easily reach it by night train. The city is well connected to Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Zagreb, Vienna and Prague, among others.

How to get there

Amsterdam - Innsbrück

The Netherlands - Austria
NJ 421

Night train via Düsseldorf, Frankfurt (Main), Munich

Budapest - Innsbrück​

Hungary - Austria​
EN 40462
Night train via Bratislava, Wien,

Hamburg - Innsbrück​

Germany - Austria​
NJ 40491

Night train via Nürnberg, Munich, Linz, Wörgl

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The Best Winter Sports Places in Europe to Enjoy Snow

 As well as the kings of winter sports, downhill skiing and snowboarding, there are many other ways to enjoy the snow and the mountains. 

These include cross-country skiing, snowshoe trekking, ice skating (rinks, lakes, etc.), ice hockey (sometimes played outdoors), fat-biking, tobogganing and dog-sledding. Here are a few places to enjoy the snow and mountains around Europe.


St Anton – Austria

In the Arlberg region, there’s always snow!  This alpine ski area offers 300 km of downhill runs as well as fun parks, competition slopes and slalom runs. This resort offers you the beauty of the Austrian Alps, with the unforgettable taste of local raclette and fondue to boot.

The resort is well served by Nightjet trains, and Urlaub-Express completes the existing offer with night trains from Hamburg and Münster.  

How to get there

Graz - St Anton

Austria - Austria
NJ 464

Night train via Leoben, Liezen,

Vienna - St Anton​

Austria - Austria​
NJ 446
Night train via Linz, Salzburg,

Hamburg - St Anton

Germany - Austria​
UEX 335

Night train via Bremen, Munich, Innsbruck

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Briançon – France

Serre Chevalier Vallée Briançon is the only ski resort in France backed by a town of over 10,000 inhabitants. This makes the area very dynamic, with an exceptional variety of activities combined with a unique heritage. 

At an altitude of 2800m, the Serre Chevalier valley stretches for around thirty kilometres, through several valleys and villages to the foot of the Ecrins National Park.    The resort is accessible by night train from Paris.  

How to get there

Paris - Briançon

France - France
ICN 5789

Night train via Die, Gap,

Salerno - Torino

Italy - Italy
ICN 798

Night train via Napoli, Roma,

Lecce - Torino

Italy - Italy
ICN 754

Night train via Bari, Ancona,

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Kitzbühel – Austria

Kitzbühel (Austrian for “chamois hill”) is one of Austria’s most famous winter sports destinations. The vast ski area stretches from Kirchberg to the Thurn Pass. The resort is regarded as one of the most beautiful ski areas in Austria. It includes the Streif, one of the most difficult and prestigious downhill runs in the world.

Kitzbühel is relatively easy to reach from Innsbrück, Munich and Saltzburg, which can all be reached by night train.

How to get there

Amsterdam - Wörgl

The Netherlands - Austria
NJ 421

Night train via Utrecht, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt (Main)

Hamburg - Wörgl

The Netherlands - Austria
NJ 40491

Night train via Nürnberg, Augsburg, Munich

Münster - Wörgl​

Germany - Austria​
UEX 1303

Night train via Düsseldorf, Köln,

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Cortina d’Ampezzo – Italy

Perched in the Dolomites, Cortina d’Ampezzo has 140 downhill ski runs and 80 km of cross-country ski trails. Looking for the Italian way of life? Cortina is at the heart of the Ampezzo Valley, and has been a favourite after-ski destination for decades. It has been the setting for many films, including “Cliffhanger” and “For Your Eyes Only”.

The town is not far from the Bolzano line, from which it can be reached fairly quickly by car.

How to get there

Roma - Conegliano

Italy - Italy
ICN 774

Night train via Firenze, Bologna, Treviso

Roma - Conegliano

Italy - Italy
E 96100

Night train via Orvieto, Treviso, Longarone-Zoldo

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Åre – Sweden

Are is one of Sweden’s best-known ski resorts, and one of the oldest too. Located in the centre of Sweden, it comprises 5 sectors with a total of 40 lifts and 97 runs, including 500 kilometres of cross-country skiing.

It’s easy to get away from it all Swedish-style: the resort is connected to Stockholm 
and Göteborg by night train. 

How to get there

Stockholm - Åre

Swedern - Sweden
SJ 70

Night train via Gävle, Sundsvall,

Göteborg - Åre​

Swedern - Sweden
SJ 74

Night train via Skövde, Örebro,

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