European Sleeper Expands Night Train Service to Prague in 2024

Oct 17 2023
European Sleeper - From Bruxelles to Prague

European Sleeper, the Dutch-Belgian company founded in 2021, plans to expand its night train service from Brussels to Berlin, now encompassing the magnificent city of Prague. Commencing on March 25, 2024, this expansion will make it possible for travelers to embark on an overnight journey from Brussels to Prague.

A Four-Capital Journey with European Sleeper

In May 2023, European Sleeper unveiled a unique route from Brussels to Berlin, making stops in Antwerp, Rotterdam, The Hague, Amersfoort, and Deventer. However, this night service is about to become even more enticing as European Sleeper expands its line to the Czech capital, Prague. With this expansion, travelers can now conveniently cover the + 1000 kilometers between these four capitals in just one night.

The Train Schedule

Trains to Prague will depart from Brussels Midi station three times a week, every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Passengers can anticipate their arrival in Prague at 10:56. the following day, enabling them to maximize their time in the city. Departures from Prague will be just as convenient, with trains leaving every Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday at 18:04 pm. This route has two fewer stops, guaranteeing a quicker journey and an arrival in Brussels at 9:27 am. the next day.

With the introduction of this new service to Prague, the European Night Train Network is set to densify even more, offering travelers an even wider range of incredible destinations and experiences.

What’s Next for European Sleeper

Looking ahead, European Sleeper is embarking on an exciting journey of its own. By 2025, the company aims to introduce a new connection between Amsterdam and Barcelona. This bold initiative aligns with the European Commission’s vision to enhance cross-border rail connections. European Sleeper has earned selection as one of ten projects that will play a pivotal role in this mission. As the company continues its expansion, it is ready to redefine European travel, providing greater accessibility, sustainability, and comfort for all kinds of adventurers.


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