New Generation Nightjet Trains: A Game Changer

Oct 3 2023
Nightjet of the new generation : A game changer

Austria’s ÖBB has unveiled the latest Nightjet trains, a leap forward in eco-friendly travel ordered from Siemens in 2018. With a €720 million investment in 33 new Nightjet trains delivered by 2028, ÖBB is leading sustainable transport, prioritizing comfort.

These high-speed Nightjets will soon connect Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, and the Netherlands, pending approval from France’s railway authority. Innovative features make Nightjet a European travel game changer.

The existing network primarily comprises trains manufactured in the 1980s, with some having undergone refurbishments. However, Europe currently grapples with a pressing rolling stock shortage, making the procurement of new night trains essential. This strategic move is crucial to address equipment needs and to better cater to the preferences and demands of modern travelers.

So, what makes the Nightjet sleeping trains such a big game changer?

Enhanced Privacy for Solo Travelers

Nightjet introduces Mini Cabins designed specifically for solo travelers, offering unparalleled privacy. These single berths come equipped with clever storage solutions, a movable folding table, and adjacent lockers for hand luggage and shoes, ensuring a comfortable and convenient journey.

Accessibility for All

The Nightjet trains prioritize inclusivity with barrier-free compartment comfort. Their Sleeper Compartments feature is designed to accommodate up to two physically handicapped individuals in wheelchairs, along with their companions. These compartments also offer adapted WC facilities and a low-floor entrance.

Large Space for Bulky Luggage

Whether you’re carrying strollers, skis, or snowboards, Nightjet has you covered. The trains provide designated storage for bulky items, making it easy for passengers to transport their gear hassle-free. An innovative NFC function on the luggage racks ensures luggage security throughout the journey.

High-Tech Comfort

The Nightjet compartments feature a control panel that includes various comfort features, such as light control and a call-for-service option, ensuring prompt fulfillment of passengers’ needs.Electronic access systems using NFC cards enhance security, while video surveillance in all wagons further bolsters safety measures.

Exciting news! The first of these advanced trains will begin service on December 10, starting with the Vienna-Hamburg and Innsbruck-Hamburg lines. At the same time, ÖBB will also inaugurate its new night line services which will connect Brussels to Vienna but also the city of Paris to Vienna.


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